Monday Morning Clubs

Monday Morning ClubsDaysTimesSponsor(s)Grades
Girls Rites of PassageMonday AM7:10-8:10amMs. Bender4-5
Musical Theater/Drama ClubMonday PM3:10-4:10pmMrs. D. Smith & Mrs. Bowie3-5
Kiwanis Kids ClubMonday PM3:10-4:10pmMrs. Schneider & Mrs. Calixte3-5
Basketball ClubTuesday & Thursday AM7:00-8:00amMr. Wibben4-5
Speech and DebateTuesday AM7:10-8:10amMr. Rothman4-5
ChessTuesday AM7:10-8:10amMr. Cohen4-5
Math OlympiadTuesday PM3:10-4:10pmMrs. Bowie4-5
Soccer Club Wednesday AM7:10-8:10amMrs. Schindler3-5
Safety PatrolThursday AM7:10-8:10amMs. Tolentino4-5
YearbookThursday AM7:10-8:10amMr. Rothman5
Cradle to College Initiative: Kids for College ClubThursday AM7:10-8:10amMs. Fowler4-5
Male Rites of PassageThursday PM3:10-4:10Mr. Blain3-5
Spanish ClubThursday PM3:10-4:10Ms. Tolentino3-5
Wellness ClubFriday AM7:10-8:10Ms. N. Sullivan3-5