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    Walnut Street School


Thanks for the delicious barbecue!    

We appreciate your dedication and hard work!  

PAINT NIGHT May 25, 2017



Notice of Non-discrimination

Formulario de Reclamos por Discriminación y Acoso

District and New York State Support for All Students

Please click on the link below to view an important letter from

Uniondale School District's Superintendent of Schools 

 Letter from Dr. Lloyd: February 17, 2017

The New York State Department of Education has issued guidance and resources to help students and their families deal with and combat harassment, bullying, and discrimination in light of recent immigration acts. This information can be located by clicking on this link

In addition, click here for the NYSED letter detailing a school district's legal responsibility to educate all children who meet residency and age requirements regardless of immigration status

Walnut Street School Honors the Military

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  • Thank you to the community for passing the Uniondale School District budget!



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Vision Statement

The increasing level of diversity in American society makes it necessary for individuals to broaden their understanding and acceptance of similarities and differences. Contributing members of society will be expected to use a myriad of technological, social, economic, political, and academic skills to problem solve, make decisions, and cope. Schools have a major role in helping to build and refine the skills individuals need to function in the complex and multi-faceted society of the future. 

Mission Statement

Uniondale School District recognizes that all children are unique and must be guided to realize their full academic and social potential in a secure and stimulating environment. 

Therefore, the Uniondale School District, its Board of Education, staff, students, parents, and community members, as stakeholders in the shared decision-making process, is committed to developing educational excellence and will ensure that students:

  1. Are provided with a rigorous education that will prepare them to become problem-solvers, users of technology, and literate, productive citizens in a mosaic society.
  2. Are challenged intellectually and academically in a stimulating environment in which high expectations and a passion for learning are priorities. 
  3. Work and learn in a safe and secure environment.
  4. Develop and practice respect for cultural diversity and character..
  5. Are given the opportunity to develop character and enhance their self-esteem.
  6. Develop and practice respect for themselves, their peers, the Staff, the educational setting, and the broader community.